The track is one of the traditional disciplines of the Olympic Games modern, made from the inaugural edition in 1896.

At the moment it is made up of races of speed, march, jumps, launching and combined tests, completing 24 events of men and 23 of women. Except for the march, the other male events already existed in the 1920 edition. Instead, women competed for the first time in 1925 with five events, and in 1980 there were still only 14 events.

Until 1924 there were tests such as cross-country racing, jumps without a race and two-handed throwing. All foot races are done on the track, with the exception of the marathon , which is on the road.

  • 3000 Meters with Obstacles

    The 3,000m with obstacles or 3,000 meters steeplechase is a race with medium distance obstacles that is part of the athletic program at the Olympic Games . He debuted in his male modality at the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp , while in his female modality they joined the Olympic program at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games . 1 2

  • Career Format

For the distance of 3000 meters, there are 28 fence jumps and 7 pit jumps, there are 5 jumps per lap after the first step of the finish line, being the pit postage. Obstacles will be distributed on a regular basis, so that the distance between them will be approximately one fifth of the normal length of a lap. 3

The height of the fences will be 0.914 m for men and 0.762 m for women; The top bar will be painted with black and white stripes or contrasting colors. The pit must be full of water to the level of the track.

The pit consists of an obstacle similar to the previous ones, followed by an excavation of 3.66 meters in length and depth in decline, the maximum being 700 mm. This special obstacle gives some advantage to competitors with skills to run speed races with fences, because the most recommended to competitors is to rid the pit at a greater distance.
The heptathlon is an athletics competition consisting of seven different tests performed on two consecutive days by the same athlete. 1

The discipline of the female heptathlon was created in 1980, although its origins date back to the 1964 Tokyo Olympics , when the pentathlon test was established. It is the combined test for women included in the athletics program at the Olympic Games and the IAAF World Athletics Championship.

There are two different types of heptathlon, depending on whether it is performed on an indoor or outdoor track.