There will be five Foundations that join the “Run with Cause” project of the Marathon 2019 platform
* They will receive 500 pesos for registration of participant of “Run with Cause” in Marathon Mexico City Telcel and Half Marathon Mexico City BBVA.

They were added as recognized categories, in the call of the Half Marathon, to wheelchair riders and blind and visually impaired for the first time in the history of the event
The Foundations “Mexican Association of Aid to Children with Cancer” (AMANC), “Angelitos de Cristal”, “Education to Share”, “Naturalia” and “Paola Espinosa”, were integrated into the “Run with Cause” project that promotes Marathon of Mexico City Telcel and the Half Marathon of Mexico City BBVA, in its 2019 editions.

The above was announced by Rodrigo Dosal Ulloa, general director of the Sports Institute of Mexico City, at a press conference, where Uladimir Valdez Pereznuñez, deputy director of the Secretariat of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation were also present; Javier Carvallo Chinchilla, technical manager of the Marathon platform; and Arlette Parres Burelo, Director of Organization of Events of INDEPORTE.

In addition, there was the presence of the representatives of the five Foundations mentioned above, who agreed that it is a great opportunity for everyone to contribute to society next to the “Run with Cause” project that the INDEPORTE is flying, through These altruistic institutions.

“The intention of this informative press conference is so that all the benefits that Correr con Causa means are known, that it is certain that each registration with cause will reach the Foundation that the runner decides,” said Dosal Ulloa.

The director general of INDEPORTE said that “we believe it is important that the participants and the public in general know more about what the Foundations are, their objectives, their visions, but, above all, their altruistic actions of social support that exalt each and every one that makes a major economic effort and cooperates with the registration of Running with Cause. ”

For his part, Javier Carvallo mentioned that the process of selecting the Foundations has to do with their altruistic prestige, in addition to studying the causes for which it requires the support of the Marathon Platform.

“Brokers and runners who intend to support the Foundations may do so by registering the Telcel Mexico City Marathon, which will be 1,150 pesos, and BBVA Half Marathon, which will be 1,000 pesos, in both cases, the Foundation will receive the amount of 500 pesos as support, ”he explained

In his opportunity, and on behalf of the Secretary of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Rosaura Ruiz Gutiérrez, Uladimir Valdez said he was very excited and moved by the activity carried out by the Foundations in the “Run with Cause” project.

“I congratulate and recognize the extraordinary work of the Foundations, because without their enthusiasm things would be very different, so I applaud your great support,” he said.

He invited the runners to participate in the Marathon and Half Marathon to register and run not only for a sports cause, but also for a “social and justice cause”.

In another order of ideas, Valdez Pereznuñez reported that a modification was made to the call of the Half Marathon of Mexico City BBVA 2019, in which two more categories will be added, which are those of people with motor disabilities in wheelchairs and people with visual impairment, total blindness, partial and visually impaired.

“We realized that the call was unfinished, that there was something that was not being considered, and very quickly we started working with Rodrigo Dosal and his team to include them. We always have enthusiastic participation of runners with some disability, why not give them the space, why not give them recognition and why not give them the right, this is an innovative city and rights, and therefore we also have that commitment.

They were also in the boardroom of the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Guadalupe Alejandre, founder and president “AMANC”, Silvia Ruiz Salva, member of the Board of Trustees and one of the founders of “Angelitos de Cristal”; Abraham Muñoz Barbosa, general director of “Education to Share”; Pablo Elizarrarás Cerda, president of the Board of Directors of “Naturalia”, and Carlos Esquivel Orozco, general director of “Paola Espinosa”.