The marathon is an athletic test that requires a great endurance capacity , so it is not suitable for people who have never run. In any case, it takes about four months of training to prepare well for the 42 kilometers of the race. Taking into account that full dedication and perseverance are key in how to train to run a marathon .

How to Prepare for a Marathon?
Steps to Follow:

1. As we have already said, it takes four months of training to prepare a marathon race . We will have to find a gap, growing, every day to train, so that we rest only one or two days a week.

2. We will only do short routes to start and the second or third week of preparation for the race we will have to set ourselves challenges of long distances, of fifteen kilometers or more, since the marathon handicap is in its length.

3. As we make great journeys we have to be attentive to details that may seem superficial but that can cause us not to finish a marathon: chafing caused by footwear, pants that tighten us too much or, on the contrary, that moves on our body or the sweat that falls on the forehead. We must remedy all these problems that in the race can be decisive.

4. On the physical level, we will notice that when we have trained a week with distances of fifteen or more kilometers, we will feel more comfortable and recover better from fatigue. This is because our cardiorespiratory system will have improved, as well as our aerobic capacity.

5. At this point, we will be ready to participate in half marathons , a form of basic training for our goal: the marathon.

6. If we have the opportunity, we have to train in a group , since in this way we will be more encouraged to prepare for the marathon. If possible, we must find partners who have a physical capacity similar to ours.