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UltraRunning April 2017

  • HURT 100
  • Casados, Kaizen and the Art of Eating Ultra
  • Hydration Belt Review
  • Hardrock Heartache
  • Voluntary Community
  • Crewing and Pacing Tips
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Yes, The Gorge Does Have Teeth
After missing last year’s Gorge Waterfalls 100K due to injury, I wasn’t about to let a little weather stand in my way this time. But in the back of my head, a phrase I’d heard over social media continued to echo over and over, “The Gorge has teeth.”
The Triple Cripple Crown Challenge
Few have completed the challenge that consists of the Tevis 100-mile Endurance Ride, the Levi Ride and Tie (now known as the World Ride and Tie Championships) and the Western States 100-mile Endurance Run.
Tuscarora Trails Ultra 50k
On March 25, 2017, we hosted 57 runners at Big Spring Picnic Area, in far western Perry County, Pennsylvania, to run the Harrisburg Area Road Runners’ Club’s Tuscarora Trails Ultra 50K.
Ultrarunner Profile: Pamela Chapman Markle
The emergence of Pamela Chapman Markle as a prolific runner of 100-mile races is as sudden and surprising as it is unlikely. Pamela never ran in a foot race of any distance before the age of 55; not even a 5k.
Voluntary Community
There are many aspects of the ultrarunning community that I love, and one of the most important is the fact that at 99% of races 99% of the folks out there helping the runners are volunteers. It’s easy to take this for granted and just assume that races are volunteer run. But have you considered how a race might differ in atmosphere if the folks handing you water or issuing your bib number were paid employees?
Coyote Backbone Trail Ultras
Just fully completed in 2016, the 68 mile long Backbone Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California’s Golden coast has been designated a National Recreational Trail and offers a unique and stunning venue for the Coyote Backbone Trail Ultras.
2017 Reader Survey
We recently conducted a reader survey and received almost 1,000 responses – thank you for your feedback. The positive comments were encouraging and nice to hear. Over 98% of respondents said UltraRunning Magazine is interesting, informative, trustworthy and reliable. Roughly 95% believe UR provides unique content and useful information.
What One Run Can Teach You
Waking up to my alarm at 5 a.m. isn’t hard these days. In the wee hours, my body knows that a grueling struggle is near triggering an internal wake-up call. Long gone are the days where I lie in the darkness, my mind spinning to justify another hour of sleep instead of getting up to run. This last weekend was no exception, and this time I had friends to hold me accountable.
Spring Sock Roundup 2017
Spring is an ideal season for purging some of your ratty old socks in favor of some fresh styles and vibrant patterns to run headlong into your high mileage training. We’ve tested a handful of new models for this spring.
Muscle Injury Without a Cause?
How many times have you gone out for a long run, only to come back sore or injured for no obvious reason? You haven’t pulled a muscle or twisted an ankle, yet you get a feeling of pain the next morning that suggests you got hit by a truck?
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